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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
I'm Rachel Barr. I'm running for a 2nd term to serve the WBAI listeners. My involvement with BAI began in 1982 as a volunteer. I was an employee and producer at 120 Wall Street.

I have done outreach at 2 street fairs. I give out flyers wherever I go. The Outreach and Fundraising Taskforce is trying to get revamped so that the LSB can raise funds. Raising funds is a chief responsibility of the LSB. I always try to build community. Community is what BAI should be about. WBAI has been 1 of my passions for 42 years.

I would like to see and/or hear more listeners and producers on the monthly LSB meetings asking questions and making comments. We met on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7PM. The LSB should be able to answer questions and comments as is done at some of our sister stations. This needs to be done at WBAI because listeners have to pay a poll tax to vote. Thus their questions and comments deserve a response, Its just simple, true democracy. The Public Comment should be held intermittently through the LSB meetings instead of from 9:15-9:45PM. The LSB meetings, due to being remote, should end at 10PM instead of at 9:45PM. We may get work done in that 15 minutes. I would like to see more listeners and producers attend the LSB, PNB, Finance, Governance and other LSB committee meetings This would serve the Pacifica Foundation well if more listeners and producers became more involved in this listener sponsored, community radio foundation as it was back in the day. Some on the LSB are working on a way for listeners to be able to communicate with the LSB either individually or the entire LSB. Radio is all about communication and thus all listeners and producers should be able to contact LSB members. Not all listeners have smart phones, tablets or computers. The communication must get better as this is a listener sponsored, community radio station. Proper communication is essential. Pacifica is a listener sponsored radio foundation. Due to this, we need to get back to the community. We need to reach out to communities so that listeners can learn about issues hanppening locally. I'd like to urge all who can to donate to WBAI either at or by mailing a check/money order to: WBAI Radio 388 Atlantic Avenue, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217. Please make your check/money order out to WBAI-Pacifica. I'd like to hear more listeners calling in to programs if a producer is taking calls and more involvement from listeners and producers about how we can make BAI better. We hope you continue to tune in, we thank you for your contribution and for voting.
Email: or 917-686-8418. Please email me or call me. I would love to hear from you. Lets talk.
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