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Staff Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
Pacifica KPFT is an amazing community and a vital resource for building understanding and unity among people. In Houston, we have a community of diverse backgrounds. The Mission Statement of Pacifica asks us to build communication between diverse communities and to foster understanding among us for the purpose of strength through peace. It also asks us to cast a wide net so that we are not an echo chamber of the same ol' same, ol' rhetoric that is disseminated through the institutions and media of the interests in power.

I am a staff candidate for the Board. The staff and volunteers are strengthened by our bonds with each other and those we serve. We are also strengthened by a purpose of bringing strong programming to the Lower Gulf Coast, whether that be through the joy of music or the thoughts brought about in conversation. As a non-paid staff member, I feel it is my responsibility to advocate for the interests, rights, and needs of those who serve the community on air and provided day-to-day operation duties. This does not preclude, and indeed is aligned with listener member interests.

I have done the arts program on KPFT, LivingArt, since 2002. I have brought in thousands of guests into the station, and feel the benefit of this is expanding Pacifica KPFT's profile in the community, make bonds that bolster KPFT's solvency, and provide artists with an opportunity to share and grow by communicating their art.

I served as an LSB and PNB board member in the 2000s. In addition, I have served in a leadership capacity on several Boards, including Voices Breaking Boundaries and Artist Rescue Mission. I understand what a non-profit Board's role is. We are responsible for the fiscal well-being of the Network. We oversee management without interfering in day-to-day operations. We can be a working board, as in we can role up our sleaves and lick envelops or trim the lawn. To this effect, I feel I have strong listening and communication skills that will contribute to a functioning board.

I look forward to making a positive contribution to the governance of Pacifica KPFT and the mission of Pacifica for peace in my term as Staff Board Member, should I be elected. Thank you.
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