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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
My name is Anita Irene Adams, and I am a WPFW volunteer and fan. As a music lover and hand dancer, I support the station to preserve the music that I grew up listening and dancing to. I also love the jazz programs. I love the station because nowhere else on the dial will you get commercial-free, jazz and old school R&B.
I have served on the WPFW Listener Station Board for the last two years and would like your support to continue to be your voice on the Board. During my tenure as your voice, I have:
1. Fostered a relationship between listeners and programmers, supporting both through funding and volunteerism.
2. Fostered a collaborative relationship between your Development, Programming, and Community Outreach Committees.
3. I serve as Chair of the Development Committee. I also act in a supportive role in the Programming and Community Outreach Committees, by assisting with planning, developing marketing material, as well as attending and working at events conducted by these committees. In addition, I serve on the Management Assessment and Search Committee, which is in the process of finding you a new Station General Manager. You may have also heard me co-host the LSB Show on Fridays.
4. I also represent you on Pacifica National Board on the Personnel, Strategic Planning, Audit and Finance Committees. WPFW is part of the Pacifica network, and with me sitting as your delegate you have a voice.
To qualify for grants, non-profits must be audited. The station, as well as the entire network needs to be audited. My continued work will help get these audits done. Also, we will examine the fiduciary procedures of the station and explore ways to achieve financial stability and the possibility of reducing the number of pledge drives.
WPFW needs to be out in the community more. Our work on the Community Outreach Committee has increased post-pandemic gatherings for WPFW. In addition to our signature events, such as the 5K Run, we were also front and center at this year’s Atlantic Jazz Festival, the memorial tribute to Donnie McKethan and every Town Hall meeting. If elected, I will continue to provide the marketing and material support to expand our community presence and our outreach activities.
At the beginning of my current tenure, I volunteered to act as Secretary of the Programming Committee. I believe that the programmers at WPFW are our treasures and play a crucial role in our fundraising and visibility. During our first months on the committee, with Minerva Sanders as Chair, we hosted a Programmers Appreciation event at Bus Boys and Poets, where we spent a fun evening getting to know our programmers and showing them how much they are appreciated.
Please show up and show out. Make your voice heard by helping me continue my positive work with WPFW. If you want to be sure that WPFW continues to improve, please look for your ballot and cast your vote for Anita Irene Adams, Minerva Sanders, and Bill Curtis.
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