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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
Bill Curtis here. Yes, I’m running for the WPFW Local Station Board. I am asking for Your Vote. I've seen a lot during my first term. Enough to make your head spin LOL: Lack of consistent policies. In-fighting. Favoritism. Ego-Bickering between "Progressives". WPFW needs an upgrade from this low-level consciousness.

We need to bring WPFW’s management and business accountability into the bright light of authentic transparency, authentic communication, authentic basic respect and commonsense between paid staff, Volunteers, and Listeners like YOU. You are the backbone of WPFW.

We need to evolve our 1977 thinking and create a marketing plan that fits the 21st century:

1) Expand our Membership Base.
2) Reach outside the Washington DC bubble.
3) Organize Membership in West Virginia, Baltimore City and its Howard, Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Harford counties.

Let’s grow (like, no kidding). Vote for Bill Curtis. Thank you.

WPFW needs on its Local Station Board a collection of people who can leave their egos in a very small box outside the door. Then work for the collective Better Good of WPFW.

Let's grow. Vote for Bill Curtis.
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