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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
I currently serve on WPFW’s Local Station Board (LSB) and seek your vote for a second term. Served as the Vice Chair and Chair of the LSB, and currently chair the Program Committee. I was recently elected as Vice Chair of the Pacifica National Board, which oversees WPFW and its sister stations. Additionally, I am a member of the Outreach, Finance, and Development Committees, and am actively engaged in all their activities.
I wish to take a moment to list some of my activities and accomplishments so far:
•As Chair of the Program Committee, I have worked to foster a relationship between listeners and programmers. I have supported the station by volunteering over one hundred hours in this capacity, as well as by financially supporting the station. Our committee is currently reviewing the programming grid to better understand and support the station’s direction and its mission as well as aid in compliance with FCC rules and guidelines.
•As a member of the Outreach Committee, I have helped to produce required town hall meetings and increasingly popular 5K Run/Walk. In addition to providing needed volunteer hours, the Outreach Committee has donated financially to the effort so that the Committee can ensure that the station receives maximum profit from our efforts.
•Working as active member of the Development Committee for the Town Halls, Blue Festivals, and other activities. It was found when speaking with listeners it does not hurt to leave them a few “thank for your support “items from the Station. Starting with refrigerator magnets, WPFW pens, and bumper stickers to name a few items. Along with WPFW 5k and WPFW Jazz and Justice T-shirts for purchase,

•I was recently elected as one of the WPFW representatives on the Pacifica National Board, where my responsibilities include speaking on behalf of the WPFW LSB during PNB meetings. Providing updates to the LSB regarding items being discussed at the PNB level that would have an impact on the local level. Taking an active role on several committees to chart the future of Pacifica Network. Soon after joining, the PNB members elected me as Vice Chair of the Pacifica National Board.
As Vice Chair I have begun to acquire a better understanding of the Pacifica National Board and what should be done to keep the network in compliance with the FCC laws, California’s code for non-profits, and all that make up the network together using the same rules/guidance.
Attending meetings, providing information, and reminding all our role and responsibilities to the network. Working to ensure things are done in a fair and equitable manner. Ensuring the Executive Director has the power needed to manage the stations within the network. Working to defeat and remove bullying from the PNB meetings. Building collaboration not divisiveness among the board members.
•Worked hard to provide service, cooperation, communication, and transparency in my dealings both locally and nationally. Re-elect me, I will build on my record from the past, and continue to be your voice on the Board.

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