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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
WPFW's Programming Department is in crisis mode: Volunteer Programmers recently forfeited the right to protections from harassment and discrimination after an LSB motion failed that would have expanded a grievance procedures. This is hardly progressive. I've previously served as vice chair of Pacifica's Programming Committee. Federal law mandates that a work place operate free from harassment, bullying or discrimination when race, creed, color, gender or religion play a role. WPFW is failing this standard on multiple levels.

WPFW's relocation efforts are in crisis mode: The Relocation Committee is absent the expertise needed to advance the process. There seems to be an unwillingness or at least an inability to retain professionals who can negotiate, consider or accept offers which will more than meet our station's needs. The current effort is both prolonged and cumbersome.

WPFW's Finance Committee is in crisis mode: It should be somewhat obvious that implementing staffing cuts at the senior level are needed to make the station fiscally sound. The committee simply will NOT undertake measures needed to implement workforce reductions. We need to look at new and alternative streams of revenue such as a continuous flow of grants and possibly limited underwriting.

WPFW's MASC/Evaluation Committee is in crisis mode: The group is reportedly being stacked and staffed with individuals predisposed to supporting the status quo while ignoring an inconvenient reality.

I began my broadcasting career at the PBS affiliate in Chicago (WTTW) during the 1968 presidential election, then joined ABC News just prior to the presidential election on 1972. Several years later I joined Armed Forces Radio in north Africa at posts near the capital of Tunisia and also in Egypt. I later I accepted an assignment in Kenya. In 1983 I became the primary news anchor here at WPFW during the 1984 presidential election and returned to that position in 2018.

I've literally spent thousands of hours answering phones during WPFW pledge drives. This after spending nearly 30 years, implementing upgrades to customer service at Verizon Telecommunications. While at Verizon, I was a senior telecommunications co-ordinator for the White House, the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol. Later at AT&T, I became telecommunications co-ordinator for Gallaudet University.

I've previously served nearly 8 years on the local station board and made a critical impact generating much needed revenue and drastically improving the work environment. I've also served on the Community Advisory Board. For several years, I was an anchor in WPFW's News Division where I've also produced documentaries. In 2019 I was appointed Vice Chair of the Pacifica Programming and also became coordinator of Spanish language programming.

My path through social activism began at young age of 10 on picket lines protesting overcrowded classrooms in the racially segregated Chicago Public School system. In 1982 I joined the Communications Workers of America and coordinated a successful strike against AT&T and its Bell Operating Companies in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware and D.C.

I ask your support for my candidacy. Thank you.
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