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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
I've been concerned about four things regarding WPFW. 1) Listeners need to have consistent programming. If I am listening at 10AM, for example, there should be similar programs on the air at that time on other days. If a news/information program appears on one day and a musical program on another, listeners will lose interest. Also, WPFW is the only true Jazz station in the DMV. Jazz programs should be on at the same time every day, including the weekends. 2) There needs to be more review of the informational programs. In some cases, statements are made that are not true and use the same tactics as far right wing media such as FOX. This wasn't true of WPFW in years past. Yes, FOX tactics draw in listeners by making outlandish statements but they don't serve the public good. 3) I support moving WPFW less pricey location and one that is in a working class neighborhood. 4) I have attended two WPFW semi-annual open forums and at each one there was a desire from the listeners who attended to meet and express their sentiments to the program director, in person. At each one, the program director failed to show up. I left each one feeling that the program director should be required to attend these meetings.
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