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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
Many years ago, I’d turn on the radio in my garage on the weekend, looking for musical accompaniment during my chores. Tired of commercial radio, I found WPFW and became an avid listener, not only because it’s commercial free, but it played music not often heard on DC airwaves. The grooves the DJs were laying down were so enjoyable, the day just flew by. Later, I started donating because even though it’s free, it clearly needed the help. So, I got off the ‘scholarship’ and got on-board as a supporter. A few years later, I was asked to consider serving on the Local Station Board and as a new retiree, this seemed like a good opportunity to make a difference. I have been a member of the LSB since 2021.

As a former development, communications and marketing professional, my work experience comes into play daily. I serve on the Outreach Committee and the Development Committee. I produce the quarterly newsletter and write marketing and development copy as well as PSAs for other needs. The newsletter is enjoyable to produce as we include programmer interviews which helps listeners get to know their favorite DJs. These talented programmers are professionals; they’ve been in the business for decades in major markets or on satellite radio. Who they know, what they know, how they curate a show… that’s what it’s all about for me. They too, are all volunteers and it’s enjoyable to tell their story.

I am also assisting with a reimagined major donor program and implementing a planned giving program to include marketing and donor engagement on estate gifts. Development is a crying need at WPFW and in working with the staff and leadership, we are taking strides to put the station on a more solid financial footing. It’s a team effort.

Volunteering during pledge drives provides the opportunity to meet with fellow LSB members, volunteers, programmers and staff. Engaging with donors and understanding their reasons for giving is very rewarding. Our donors are passionate and not afraid to speak their mind! It's good to hear their voice and learn of their WPFW experiences.

I do this because I believe in the station and because I believe public radio still has a place. It serves to entertain so many due to the various genres of music being played. For many, it is also serves to educate and inform listeners on the plight of the underserved, social, political and international injustice, minority and LGBTQ issues, and the list goes on and on. WPFW is a voice for the voiceless, it’s jazz and it’s justice. It’s something I’m behind and I hope others will also get behind as well. It needs you, your time, your talent and your treasure. Valuable things don’t just happen on their own… they are valuable because of what they do for you and for what you do for them.

With your vote I’ll continue to serve. Thank you.

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