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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I’m Carol Wolfley, a KPFA Protector, Board Candidate.

As the Secretary of the KPFA Local Station Board for 7 years, I work to protect KPFA’s programming from commercial underwriting, protect KPFA staff from lay offs and KPFA’s building from being sold.
KPFA is financially self-sustaining with over twice the members and listener support than other Pacifica stations. Pacifica’s financially failing stations have drained Pacifica's and KPFA's resources. Pacifica owes over $4.5 Million in loans, that used KPFA’s building as collateral. Pacifica has defaulted on loan payments and has over $1.4 Million in unpaid bills. Pacifica is at the mercy of creditors and there are calls from some WBAI board members, (and their apologists here), to sell the KPFA building. We need your help.

To ensure KPFA’s survival, you the members will need to elect a strong, skilled KPFA Local Station Board. KPFA Protectors candidates have a proven history of working to address the complex financial, and organizational challenges that we face.
We are helping protect KPFA’s station building from being sold, through a KPFA Protector initiated petition to make the KPFA station building a historical landmark.
We help ensure that KPFA has the needed resources to produce programs based on listener interests on critical issues like: climate emergency, the economy, social and racial justice, women’s, immigrant, and LGBTQ rights.

I’ve helped initiate KPFA Listener Surveys and facilitated at KPFA listener forums
I’ve recruited KPFA interns, and have connected with youth, students and diverse Bay Area communities,
I promote the expansion of KPFA programming on social media, podcast, and You Tube, platforms.

I have drafted motions to oppose Pacifica’s push toward commercial underwriting and infomercials.
I wrote to the Pacifica National Board and to the FCC asking for an investigation of FCC violations at station WBAI. (Violations were confirmed by the FCC with a mandated compliance plan)
I worked with PNB Director & progressive journalist Zack Kaldveer and others to thank the KPFA Staff and Management Team for their in depth coverage of Gaza/Palestine.
I opposed attempts to override staff editorial freedom by some KPFA board members who sought to dictate news sources on Gaza.

I proposed resolutions for all stations to be self-sustaining, and for fair representational voting in elections for Pacifica National Board Directors.
I drafted meeting policies for the KPFA board to address yelling, false accusations, name calling and personal attacks from disruptive board members and I advocate for the Pacifica National Board to develop respectful policies.

My Background
I’m a retired Berkeley bilingual, special education teacher, a former union negotiator and a California mediator.
I am endorsed by Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Aileen Alfandary, Tim Lynch and many more.
Please VOTE for me Carol Wolfley and the KPFA Protectors Candidates, For more information reply above, or go to
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