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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I'm Stan Woods, a lifelong labor and social-justice activist:
Former member of the Executive Board of ILWU Local 6;
Member of the State Executive Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party;
Member of the Oscar Grant Committee against Police Brutality and State Repression;
Member of the East Bay chapter, Democratic Socialists of America
I'm running for the KPFA LSB on the Rescue Pacifica ticket ( ).

Your KPFA ballot lets you vote for multiple candidates, so please vote for me
and my Rescue Pacifica running mates.

Feel free to contact me at slwwva

One reason I'm running is that I'm concerned KPFA is losing its way. Once regarded as a pro-peace
media institution, KPFA is now airing syndicated talk shows that promote US intervention in conflicts, especially Ukraine. Don't we know by now that US interventions – direct or indirect – only worsen the bloodshed? Pro-war / pro-intervention opinions will always have an easy time being heard on corporate
media; we at Rescue Pacifica believe KPFA should remain a haven for pro-peace discourse.
And there are inexplicable gaps in KPFA program coverage. One example: how can KPFA not have a labor show? We had one, but it was canceled years ago. Actually, KPFA should have multiple hours of labor programming each week.
The Local Station Board ought to be addressing questions like this, but it isn't. In fact, the incumbent LSB, dominated by the 'Protectors' faction, doesn't do much of anything. It meets as seldom as possible, as briefly as possible, and disrespects KPFA listeners and staff by waiting until almost the end of
its meetings to listen to public comment . It doesn't even carry out its task of reviewing KPFA's general manager. For these reasons, and more, please do not vote for any candidate running on the Protectors slate! Instead, vote for reform by supporting the Rescue Pacifica ticket.
Rescue Pacifica stands for
A return to the KPFA tradition of consistently fighting for peace and justice.
Fair coverage of third-party candidates (Peace & Freedom and Green) in all elections.
Restoration of labor programming,
Locally-based democratic governance of the station and network
(including the restoration of a decision-making listener/staff Program Council).
Thank you!
Stan Woods -- more including our endorsers at
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