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Staff Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I hosted the Sunday news for 20 years; today I produce the Project Censored Show, and the Poor News segment of Hard Knock Radio. For me, these programs exemplify what KPFA should be about – covering issues that commercial media ignore or distort.

I'm running for a staff seat on KPFA's Local Station Board (LSB), and I'm honored to have the endorsements of Joy Moore, Dennis Bernstein, and Frank Sterling.

I'm writing this statement on June 30th, LBGTQ Pride Day in San Francisco. Which naturally prompts a question: why does KPFA not have a weekly LGBTQ program? For that matter, why does KPFA not have a labor program, or a seniors' program, or more than one hour a week dedicated to Northern California's large Asian communities? Why have we never had a Black male, or a Latino or Latina, hosting a local morning-drive program? (except when we had the Morning Mix). And why was one white male boomer (who doesn't live in Northern California) given nine hours a week of KPFA airtime to chatter about Washington politics and beat the drum for continuing US intervention in Ukraine? Not only was this a waste of a great opportunity for more diverse and local programming, but also a contradiction of KPFA's antiwar heritage. And these questions lead to still another: at our community radio station, why is the community (listeners and staff) excluded from decision-making about programs?

It wasn't always this way; for many years there was a listener / staff Program Council to review existing shows and hear proposals for new ones. But a previous manager shut it down, over ten years ago. Yet the generosity of subscribers, and the donated labor of unpaid staff, are the ingredients that make KPFA what it is. We deserve a say in what goes on the air. In fact, KPFA needs to engage the creative thinking of its staff and listeners to remain viable in today's media world. Last year our subscriber count was about 11,300 – that's less than half what it once was. Resting on our laurels is obviously failing. Let's not wait any longer to start reinvigorating our station.

KPFA needs to innovate, diversify and grow. But our role as a platform for peace advocacy should never change, nor should it vary depending on whether the Reds or the Blues control the White House. As Chris Hedges says, “the greatest evil is war.”

Unfortunately, with the 'Protectors' faction holding a majority, the LSB isn't even fulfilling its assigned duties, let alone taking a leadership role in moving KPFA forward. Yet at this moment the LSB is the only representative institution at KPFA. So please participate in the LSB election, and let's push the LSB forward. There are three staff-member LSB seats to fill in this election, and you can vote for multiple candidates. Please vote for me, and also for Miguel Perez of La Onda Bajita. Visit for more information.

Thank you!

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