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Staff Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I’m Sherry Gendelman, A KPFA Protector Staff Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board

I am one of two hosts and producer of Sunday Classics, sharing classical compositions and diverse musical expressions while connecting with our rich Bay Area community.

I support reorganizing the Pacifica network with the hope of achieving more financial autonomy for KPFA. Hopefully this would stop the financial drain on KPFA’s assets to support other stations who have failed to appropriately manage their finances. We need a functional governance. We need experienced Pacifica Directors who have the skills to manage assets worth almost $100 Million.

I am a practicing attorney, a past Pacifica Board Chair and President of Pacifica Safety Net, a national member organization that petitioned the FCC to address violations of federal regulations at WBAI that have led to its high debt and consequent damage to the entire wellbeing of all stations in the Pacifica Network.

I believe that it is essential to save the KPFA building, which was constructed entirely with listener donated funds. The building is a listener resource that should not be sold to make up for the financial incompetence of the network.

We have become isolated from each other and from our community. This isolation was worsened by the pandemic. The building has wonderful resources, a performance studio, production studios and much more. I believe that the community is strengthened by collaboration and contact with each other . Encouraging people to use the building will have a positive impact on those people and benefit both the station and our Bay Area community.

I believe that if we demand financial responsibility from all the stations and the national office KPFA will be able to address the changing media landscape. We have an abundance of talented programmers in every field, public affairs, news and cultural commentators. With more money we would be able to share our talent with a larger and more diverse audience.

Please Vote for me, Sherry Gendelman, and the other KPFA Protectors Staff Candidates Endorsed by Tim Lynch, Brian Edwards Tiekert, Aileen Alfandary and many more.
For more information go to the KPFA Protectors websites.

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