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Staff Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
Since 2010, I have produced the Spanish language segment Voces del Pueblo in La Onda Bajita called Las Voces del Pueblo which airs the first Friday of every month at 8pm covering the reality of Latin America and other events that have moved the world with co-producers Mrs. Michelle White and Dr. Marcia Campos with on-the-ground reports from Mexico to Afghanistan and Chile to the Ukraine. I also produce programs for my streaming show, Radio Flash. Our team approaches issues not often heard in the mainstream media, not even in the Spanish language media. As a staff representative on the KPFA LSB I will try to advocate for more Spanish language programming with our expanded signal area to Monterrey County, a large untapped Spanish language listener base.

I want to keep KPFA as part of Pacifica. An independent radio network in the US is crucial to keeping Pacifica’s mission alive.

As we have seen with the imprisonment of Julian Assange, and the killing of journalists in Gaza, in Mexico and many parts of the world, this mission would be even more difficult to do without an independent listener-run and staff-run national network. That is why I am supporting the Rescue Pacifica slate of candidates who are fighting to keep this network independent and truly progressive. I urge you to vote for me and Anthony Fest, of Project Censored as staff representatives of the KPFA Local Station Board.

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