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Staff Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I am Cathy Picou, a KPFA Staff Candidate, endorsed by KPFA Protectors.

I work in the KPFA Development Department helping with data processing by recording essential information that helps keep the station functioning. I especially appreciate KPFA’s news and music.

With extensive experience in sales and marketing, I bring a strategic vision and a deep understanding of audience engagement to KPFA. As a gallery owner and business owner, I honed the skills necessary to manage diverse projects, cultivate relationships, and drive community-focused initiatives supporting station programming, listener-supported memberships, and innovative outreach opportunities.

My spirit and dedication to the arts and media make me a valuable asset to the board. I am passionate about creating vibrant, inclusive spaces that resonate with diverse audiences and foster long-term listener loyalty.

I am committed to enhancing the station's reach and impact. I leverage my background to develop and implement effective strategies that engage new listeners and members. The goal is to ensure that the station continues to thrive as a vital community resource, offering quality programming and fostering meaningful connections. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the nonprofit and look forward to collaborating with fellow board members to support the station's mission and vision.

I believe that it is important for KPFA board members to help protect the KPFA station building from sale. I understand that the building was used as collateral for a loan to pay off debt incurred at WBAI. Now that the loan has gone into default, the situation has become more serious.

I value KPFA as an independent media resource for our diverse Bay Area community and want to help it to survive.

Please vote for me, Cathy Picou, and the other KPFA Protectors Staff Candidates. We are endorsed by Tim Lynch, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Aileen Alfandary and many more.
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