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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I am Colleen Mast. If elected to the KPFA LSB, I hope to help make KPFA outreach a key focus of the board. My goal is for KPFA to double its membership and listenership in the next 2 years and I believe that outreach to new communities is essential for that process.

Many people, especially young people do not know about KPFA. Over the years I have volunteered for KPFA, I have introduced hundreds and hundreds of people to KPFA’s independent news, in depth public affairs, inspiring culture and soul soothing music. I share about KPFA’s coverage of economics, the threat of right wing violence, militarism, immigration, and racial, women’s, and LGBTQ social justice. I let people know about how KPFA is on: the air, podcasts, online, and on social media platforms that help engage youth and diverse communities across our northern California demographics.

I love helping at KPFA’s inspiring author events. This has included talking with potential interns about KPFA’s two training programs for radio operations and news internships. KPFA has the only full news department in the network. I help let them know about KPFA’s news internships that teach how to investigate and produce news stories on local, state, national and international topics. I especially want to reach out to more students at junior colleges, colleges and universities about KPFA’s training programs.

At this time when our northern California communities are at high risk of climate emergencies, I want us to let people know that KPFA is an FCC emergency alert station with its broad signal range and that KPFA provides life saving information on fires, floods, earthquakes, environmental disasters, and essential resources.

We need to make sure that KPFA is there for the future. As a board member, I will work to protect KPFA’s building as a historical landmark and to support more financial autonomy to protect KPFA’s assets from the drain imposed by Pacifica stations that are not self-sustaining.

I also advocate for a better Pacifica network governance system where KPFA’s membership is represented fairly on the Pacifica National Board.

Most of all I will continue to help people become members to support our station’s future.

Please VOTE for me Coleen Mast and the 9 KPFA Protectors Candidates at
who are endorsed by Aileen Alfandary, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Philip Maldari and many more.
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