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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
Hello all, I am running as a KPFA listener candidate in the Local Station Board election. KPFA has been in my world for some 50 years, and it is my intention that it continues for another 50.
My passion and bond with the station is with its music and cultural programming. I strongly believe music conveys thought and expressions that transcend our filters and allow us to more meaningfully communicate; every type of music has that same potential. KPFA stands alone in California in its quality and variety of music programming.
I am not a radio professional and I have no intention of telling the station how to do radio. I think KPFA is the cream of the Pacifica network and pledge to support it remaining so. I’m at a loss to understand the critiques that suggest other stations in the network are somehow better. I’ve taken the time to listen (and it takes a lot!) and while every station has its gems, none in my opinion have the depth and quality of what KPFA is offering. We should focus on sustaining this jewel and supporting it, not attacking it or attempting to remake it based on narrow perspectives. I think those that value other Pacifica stations over KPFA, and want more resources directed to them, should support those stations by becoming donating members there, and let KPFA listeners continue to support OUR station. Make it a win-win.
KPFA is here to serve our listeners and unlike other stations in the network remains listener supported to this day. I will extol the virtues of KPFA and ask that all candidates do the same.
KPFA is a collection of humans with all that entails, and it’s this collection of humanity that makes it a GREAT, if imperfect station. If people are seeking predictable and perfect radio (that has been pre-programmed to be so), there are digital, corporate and religious knockoffs to choose from. Never an uncomfortable thought or reassessment of belief required. If that’s the vision count me out, I’ll take an imperfect and all too human KPFA over orthodoxy (including “radical” orthodoxy) any day.
I once “worked” for a living (before covid) and know all too well the toll shift work, the elements, and the environment can have on those who keep things running. Thank you KPFA!
I was a union steward/activist, secretary-treasurer, E-board member, in several unions and know the countless hours required behind the scenes in governance to serve the members. Writing minutes, organizing meetings, budgeting, summarizing actions, asking/answering questions has to get done, and if elected I will do my best to help.
My focus and commitment will be to help KPFA to have the resources and support it needs to continue as our valued radio partner. I have been endorsed by the KPFA protector’s team and very much thank them for their trust (
We MUST keep our studio! LIVE MUSIC RULES! I am endorsed by music programmers Tim Lynch, Allegra Thompson, and David Gans.
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