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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I'm Zack Kaldveer, current KPFA LSB and Pacifica National Board member. I am running for re-election because independent, non-profit radio is the lifeblood of a thriving democracy – and it's currently on life support.

Despite growing audiences for progressive media platforms elsewhere, Pacifica faces financial collapse with declining listenership and a toxic brew of corporate underwriting, incompetent leadership, and unmanageable bylaws.

Fortunately, KPFA stands out as the crown jewel of the Pacifica Radio Network. It is the only Pacifica station with a full news department, one of only two that is financially stable, and has twice the membership of any other station.

I aim to ensure KPFA and Pacifica thrive by covering the social movements and political dynamics ignored by corporate media. This means returning to Pacifica’s core mission of fostering peace through informed dialogue and reporting on and analyzing the urgent political and environmental threats facing our country and planet.

As your KPFA Board Representative, I will:

Fight for Greater KPFA Autonomy: End the drain on KPFA resources due to Pacifica's financial mismanagement. KPFA donors' money should support KPFA, not bail out other failing stations.

Protect and Expand Investigative News: Safeguard KPFA’s resources by expanding investigative news and well-produced programming on social, environmental, and economic justice issues. Any staff cuts or the selling of KPFA's building due to debts from other stations undermines this mission.

Keep KPFA/Pacifica Corporate Free: At KPFA, we have successfully blocked any corporate infiltration of our airwaves. All Pacifica stations should follow suit by banning ALL corporate underwriting. We cannot criticize the corporate state while relying on its funds.

Expand KPFA’s membership: Support and share KPFA’s innovative engineering upgrades with 21st century technology and equipment, implement intensive training programs and increase internships to bring new voices onto the air.

As a board member, I’ve worked to promote independent media on the board and off it. I co-authored an Op-Ed with a Palestinian educator highlighting the critical role of progressive media in challenging corporate narratives, especially on issues like the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

The piece, titled "Media Malpractice: Blacking Out Genocide and Disenfranchising Palestinian Pain," served as an impetus for the majority of our KPFA Protectors led board to commend KPFA’s news department for its trustworthy coverage of Gaza. This action comes at a time their journalistic freedom is being threatened by reckless board members and their jobs are at risk due to threatened budget cuts resulting from WBAI debts.

If we fail to protect KPFA from the same dysfunction, disorganization, and failed leadership that has plagued the other Pacifica stations, we could lose them all to right wing extremist groups or conservative evangelical Christian stations.

Please vote for Zack Kaldveer (endorsed by Norman Solomon, media critic/author, Jeff Cohen, Co-Founder of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, Donald Goldmacher, Filmmaker, and Sonali Kolhatkar, former host of KPFK’s “Rise Up with Sonali”) and ALL the KPFA Protectors Candidates - (endorsed by Aileen Alfandary, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Philip Maldari, and others).
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