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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I’m Christina Huggins, a KPFA Protector, Board Candidate.

As the current Treasurer and past Chair of the KPFA Board for over 7 years, I have served as a liaison between the board, and KPFA Management in communication with the Pacifica Network—working to protect KPFA’s assets, and programming from Pacifica dysfunction.

As a former CWA officer, I have represented KPFA union staff and unpaid staff to bring positive solutions to challenging situations and I have provided Human Resource support to the station.

As Treasurer, I work nationally to make all Pacifica stations financially sustainable and fiscally accountable. KPFA pays its bills and has over twice the members and donations as any other Pacifica stations.Pacifica owes over $4.5 million in loans, and has over $1.4 Million in unpaid bills. The last Pacifica audit showed one station as owing over eight and a half million dollars for past inter company loan transfers. That has drained Pacifica and KPFA of resources for basic expenses.

The loans one of which was to pay off a judgement for unpaid tower rent at WBAI used KPFA’s building as collateral. That loan went into default. The KPFK building in LA is being sold to pay off debt and there are calls from WBAI LSB members and their KPFA apologists to sell the KPFA building to meet current debt. I am working with other KPFA Protector board members to make KPFA’s building a historical landmark to protect it from being sold. We want to ensure that KPFA is there in the future as an independent media source covering a wide range of peace and social justice issues, culture and music. We need your help.

KPFA Protectors board members and candidates working to safeguard KPFA are faced with disrespectful and disruptive opposition, names calling and false accusations. Please study the issues, follow the money and help protect KPFA with your vote.

I have been an activist for many years especially in the US and Latin America.

Please VOTE for me, Christina Huggins & the KPFA Protectors Candidates: Endorsed by Aileen Alfandary, Brian Edwards Tiekert and Tim Lynch
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