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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I’m Fred Dodsworth a KPFA board member representing KPFA on the Pacifica National Board.

I support KPFA’s programming on Gaza/Palestine and KPFA’s wide coverage of peace and social justice issues.
• I help protect the journalistic freedom of KPFA's staff from biassed groups that attempt to mandate shows, sources and schedules.
• I support KPFA’s diverse management team and staff in making programming decisions based on listener data. I especially appreciate the KPFA Listener Surveys that get thousands of responses.
• I want to ensure the future of KPFA as an FCC emergency alert station so that it can continue to provide help during floods, fires and power outages.
I oppose Pacifica’s move toward commercial underwriting which threatens producer’s independence in covering controversial issues.

I help protect KPFA’s building with fiscal accountability amidst Pacifica’s over $7M debt. I am working with other KPFA Protectors Candidates and board members to make KPFA’s building an historical landmark which may help prevent a sale.

I’m Chair of Pacifica’s Governance Committee.
Pacifica’s governance is dysfunctional and needs restructuring including:
Ensuring that all stations are financially self-sustaining to stop the financial drain on KPFA.
Proportional representation on the national board in consideration of KPFA’s higher membership and revenue.
Filling vacancies on boards by board elections rather than with people who lost in a previous election.

I have been active as a community organizer in the Bay Area for many years, especially organizing poetry readings. One of my goals is to help bring back KPFA’s many author events which declined during the Covid Pandemic.

I work as a publisher, editor, journalist and am lucky to have carpentry and construction skills. My experience in these areas help me to provide strong support for KPFA and Pacifica at this urgent time.

Please VOTE for me Fred Dodsworth, and the 9 KPFA Protectors Candidates. Endorsed by Aileen Alfandary, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Philip Maldari and many more
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