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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
John Brinkley
I‘m seeking re-election to the WBAI Local Station Board with the Justice & Unity Campaign ( endorsed by several progressive organizations including The People’s Organization for Progress (POP), because I want to see the station continue to be a strong voice for the 99%. I‘ve been a listener/supporter of the station since the early 70’s, when my comrade in arms, Pepsi Charles, had a program called “Nuances”.
I was initially on the LSB from 2010 -2016, with the last 3 years serving as its chair. Despite Justice and Unity being in the minority during this period, I was re-elected unanimously the last 2 years. WBAI has always been in the need for money, so during the time I was on the Board, a group of us brainstormed fundraising ideas and developed a detailed sustainability plan. To save access to our transmitter (that time at the Empire State building), with the help of Mimi Rosenberg, we were able to secure a union phone bank and enlisted volunteers who called members to raise money for a transmitter fund. More recently, while working with P.O.P., we were able to get a free WBAI billboard on the NJ Turnpike for more than a year! Currently, I co-chair the LSB Outreach and Fundraising Taskforce (LOFT) to efficiently use volunteer resources to expand listenership and generate funds. I want to bring that: “let’s work to together to overcome our external challenges”, back to the LSB.
My background and skills include:
• A community activist since high school: picketing, debating and challenging racial discrimination in its many forms.
• Currently serve on POP, Frontiers International (the oldest Black service organization), the International Holistic Health and Green Technology Center, Chair of the Plainfield Cultural and Heritage Commission and VP of the Plainfield Arts Council.
• Worked with community-based organizations to develop re-entry programs for the formerly incarcerated.
• As a member of the Tri-State Save Like It Is Coalition, challenged the renewal of the four TV networks’ FCC licenses.
• Participated in media forums sponsored by the National Hispanic Media Coalition, St. Johns University, and the Free Press.
• Served two years in the U. S. Peace Corps in Ethiopia as a math teacher, learned the local language and helped several students come to the U.S.
• Earned 2 degrees from Rutgers and taught in settings from private grammar schools to public colleges. Trained as a project manager
• Worked in college, corporate, local government and nonprofit environments.
• Travelled to all parts of this country and to countries in East, West and North Africa, the Caribbean, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, UAE and Canada.
We have a diverse country in a world of people who have rich cultures with much to offer. WBAI should be a progressive voice reflecting this diversity. The station should also seek to blend the wisdom of the elders with the talents and insights of the youth. This will take WBAI’s great history and continue to make a great future!
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