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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
KPFK has been my number one radio station most of my adult life and I've been a sustaining member for almost 2 decades. In 1993, I left LA and moved to Chicago for 13 years. There were some great radio shows there, but boy, did I miss having a Pacifica station!
KPFK's greatest asset is its lack of corporate sponsorship. I've always believed in the importance of free and uncensored programming, and there's never been a greater need for information that stands apart from the corrupting influence of the giant news outlets. I so appreciate shows like Rebel Alliance News, Canto Tropical and the Saturday line-up right now is awesome. Ralph Nader is still one of my heroes!
To be honest, the only board I've been on was for a dance company in Chicago. But I've been an activist for various progressive causes most of my life and I do have political experience as an active campaign volunteer for both of Bernie Sanders' presidential runs. Following the 2016 campaign, I was elected to be an Assembly District delegate for the California Democratic Party during the progressive wave of 2017. I have since left electoral politics, but am still a member of the "Feel the Bern" Dem Club of LA.
I believe I will bring a fresh perspective to the board and will fight hard to promote the progressive values KPFK stands for.
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