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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
I’m Nancy Niparko, MD, a pediatric neurology medical doctor, and longtime listener and sustainer of KPFK. Radio is my source of news & entertainment, since I don’t have a television. Furthermore, I continue to believe radio is the most accessible, universal media for promoting awareness and progressive values to everyone, given how much time we spend in our cars. My greatest motivation for seeking a position on the KPFK LSB is the anti-vaccine, ridiculous conspiracies, and other anti-science charlatan “experts” very often featured on KPFK programming as “news”, which isn’t only not bringing in listeners and revenue, it is dangerous to human lives and potential for legal liability.
My progressive politics began as a little girl, raised by politically-active school-teacher parents. That indoctrination to believe in equal education and equal rights for all, was solidified by the historic Supreme Court ruling that “Separate Is Not Equal”.
I continue to see patients part-time, I have been involved in a great deal of fund-raising, as co-chairman of L.A. Physicians for a National Health Program, as a board member of Americans for Democratic Action, and as a board member of Momentum/United Cerebral Palsy-LA. But I most enjoy contributing lunches to the homeless every week.
Once upon a time I was delighted with KPFK programming. I felt smarter every time I listened. Furthermore, learning about the origins of Pacifica Radio is reason-enough to support its future. Houseless persons on the streets beg for money when they have lost meaningful employment. Similarly, in recent years, KPFK behaves like L.A. homeless, begging for money, instead of producing meaningful engaging programing worth supporting. In fact, KPFK, literally became “houseless” itself!
A “democratic” radio station doesn’t mean that we owe airtime to conspiracy-based, anti-vax propaganda, snake-oil and magic-crystal preachers, unprofessional speech, horrible voices, unprofessional adolescent ramblings, and programs that are neither educational or entertaining. I, myself, won’t donate more money to programming that makes me feel more stupid.
In Los Angeles, KPFK has access to world-class guests from universities, medical centers, research centers, and of course, the entertainment capital of the world. Certainly there are students in local colleges and high schools who would love the opportunity to produce informative & entertaining programs which would attract their friends, building younger and future audiences for KPFK. Radio-theater night, stand-up-comedian night, invited-professor night (astronomy, space, climate, nuclear, medicine, not to mention politics!) If you want an even younger crowd, I suggest drive time kids’ story hour when many thousands of L.A. kids are sitting in the car playing video games.
I’m Nancy Niparko, MD, running for this local KPFK listener board asking for more intelligent radio programing, with the primary intention of banning anti-vaccine, and other anti-science charlatans from KPFK.
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