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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
KPFK listeners need information as much as KPFK needs revenue. Please help make the LSB accountable to our principles and to the communities that elect us.

I am Jack Neff and KPFK radio works best when it broadcasts diverse voices with different analysis on a local and global perspective, and which is locally produced. KPFK gives free voice to people from all walks of life, engaged in all the struggles and in solidarity with information, education, access and entertainment. My job as a litigation paralegal investigating the details of various interests has taught me to analyze financial documentation, to look at data critically, with a professional eye. Every situation is different, and the important elements are always the values of the people involved.

The KPFK Local Station Board (“LSB”) is a democratic committee created under the bylaws of the Pacifica Foundation National Board (“PNB”) so listener-sponsors and KPFK staff can be involved in KPFK decision-making in the otherwise 98% commercial radio market in Southern California. KPFK's LSB should support the Pacifica mission of being a true not-for-profit radio station, listener-supported and independent of any funding source which seeks to censor full distribution of public information.

KPFK is an educational organization airing voices for peace, justice, liberation, self-inquiry, skepticism and real-time political struggles as they happen on live radio. KPFK is the only reliable radio media outlet giving regular air time to the voices of incarcerated communities, the transportation-dependent, disabled, labor, feminists, Native-Americans, alternative cultures and religions and mostly to ordinary political progressives working to change the system in both English and Spanish languages. The KPFK gumbo also has programming flavors to educate children, techno geeks, youth from various immigrant backgrounds and music shows for every taste. KPFK's website makes archives available for playback and podcast for 60 days, enhancing the KPFK experience for computer-enabled listeners. The LSB should discuss KPFK's future website plans to bring round-the-clock, real-time livestream reporting from Southern California to the world.

KPFK fund drives which offer listener-sponsors premiums like supplement powders and hair conditioner reach out to a more affluent, older audience. I want KPFK to attract new and younger listeners and voices on the air through larger numbers of smaller pledges driven by downloadable premiums from the Pacifica Archives. I believe there are ways to cut back on the fund drive programming and also meet KPFK's financial needs. There are critical issues facing KPFK and the country. Elect me to the LSB.
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