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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
I attribute my devotion to KPFK because I appreciate how much I have learned in the last 40 years listening to Pacifica since I was a teenager. I have often shared with others how good the things I’ve learned by listening. I consider KPFK a treasure that I want to see continue for future generations.
I had the good fortune of having a good union job as a result of the opportunities afforded women based on all those who came before me and marched for civil rights among other things.
I believe that our world is being impacted by automation, robotics, climate change and economic change. “We are in this together”.
I have been a long-practitioner of NVC (non-violent communication) and recognize that we humans have the same basic needs – housing, income, health care and beyond that connection, self-realization… As one establishes their stability and security, it is something inevitable that you want for others.
I have read books in my life and have worked on the docks for the last 40 years as a waterfront supercargo, allowing me to contribute to various movements over the years. My passion overall is to create gentle awareness on ways that we can adapt to more sustainable practices for efficiently distribute resources which includes the resource of knowledge. I know how to meet a deadline and contribute to productivity as well as work with people especially if there is a common goal.
Please allow me to demonstrate my integrity and dedication to serve KPFK 90.7 FM, with your vote of confidence. Please rank me high on your Ballot and thank you.
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