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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
Hi, this is Mike Bressler, and I’m running for the KPFK local board. I am a college instructor, environmentalist, songwriter and longtime KPFK listener. I am also chair of the Rio Hondo Group of the Sierra club which spans much of southern LA County and northern Orange County. I’ve long viewed KPFK as a powerful alternative broadcast voice for a just society, for our natural environment, and for those whose interests and spirits are not reflected in corporate media. I would like to take part in the efforts to bring the station back to a stronger position in terms of listener audience, programming, finances, and online expansion. Success in accomplishing these goals will, in my view, involve a commitment to quality programming and recognition of the changing media environment. While we have a number of excellent programs, I would like to see our station devote more time and programming to environmental issues, environmental justice, and local possibilities. The changing media environment (and the self-emasculation of twitter) also invites reconsideration of how we operate and present ourselves in social media. We have the means to reach a broad audience, but we also must go beyond speaking to the choir. A strong KPFK is more necessary than ever these days, and a greater focus on the goals that unite us rather than those that divide us is necessary to ensure the continued well-being of the station and it’s potential to reach and inform people in Southern California and online. As an elected board member, I would continue to work to accomplish the goals I have mentioned. I would appreciate your vote for the board in the upcoming election. Thank you!
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