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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
Hello Fellow KPFK Supporters!
Rick here. I believe I have a lot to offer KPFK. Besides passion, skill, and having been raised in LA, I have a variety of experiences in radio that will support the contributions I can make as an LSB member.

Plus. My 20 years in the film industry (DGA), working music festivals, creating and producing events, has given me practical, on-the-ground experience working cooperatively with others. I am a team member who loves the challenges of solving problems, and developing the best in each project, while maintaining healthy, respectful, cooperative working relationships. (NVC trained ;).

After years in theater, and some community TV (Maui Community Television), I started in radio work at the independent commercial station owned by Dan Healy (of the Grateful Dead) KERG. From there I developed an innovative Talk Show (InterActive Radio) on KHSU, where I was the first programmer on the (then) beloved station with no previous ties to Humboldt State University. (My show followed All Things Considered. A nice lead in).
I then worked for 2+ years organizing, and as a Founder of the acclaimed, progressive station, KMUD: On the Board, Personnel Committee, Hiring Committee, the Program Review and Selection Committee, and was the Director of Public Relations. Etc.

I then started my career in the film industry, investing most my energy and passion there (working primarily in LA and Hawai'i).

I have since been an occasional Consultant+ with community radio stations in Hawai'i. I developed and held workshops on 'Becoming and Excelling as a Radio Talk Show Host and Producer'. The objective - Supporting programmers to realize their program concepts, to excel in line with their goals and skillsets.

My life these days is based in California. My office and local home is in Santa Monica. (I was raised in the SGV).

I am driven to support KPFK as they / Pacifica are (among) the last free media (that doesn't track our data!) . With the many challenges the Pacifica Network is facing, my skills can help preserve KPFK, bringing more stability. And now, it's moving in that direction! So let's keep it up!

Part of my vision is to aid KPFK in better identifying itself as the rare treasure it is! Driving people to the archives and live shows. Also offering improved, more crisp promotion of the fantastic shows produced in-house. That can translate to more fundraising opportunities.

I also am a strong supporter of underwriting opportunities (for LOCAL and SMALL BUSINESSES ONLY). Lets help enhance the community economy that serves us all! Help small businesses gain visibility and our patronage, in order that they can rise above the onslaught of big business! A KPFK-small-business-alliance can help both, and $$$upporting KPFK, plus educate listeners! Yay!

So.... Let's elect a great LSB team, look closely at the challenges, roll-up our sleeves and make KPFK, an even better servant for the diverse LA communities!

If this resonates with you, please consider offering me your VOTE!

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