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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
As a former programmer, I believe I have an excellent view of the "big picture" of KPFT. In addition to KPFT, I have also served on several other Boards over the years, bringing knowledge and skill of inclusion as well as orderly procedure. I served on the Board of Houston Audubon Society as VP of Environmental Affairs during a critical time for environmental activity, forging bonds with industry as well as many local environmental groups such as Bayou Preservation Association and Sierra Club. I was able to use my radio show to bring forward many viewpoints and a spirit of cooperation. (You might be able to tell I am more of a public affairs girl than a music girl!) During one activity, we brought together several hundred volunteers from community groups and local employers to plant a record number of trees on the banks of Buffalo Bayou. For organizing this, I received a United Nations Environment Programme "Global 500 Achiever Award". Only 500 of these have been awarded globally. I also served as the Washington DC lobbyist for the Wildlife Refuge Reform Coalition, part of the Humane Society of the US, another example of my track record in building and maintaining coalitions of interest. More recently, I founded Forgotten Felines of Texas, with the mission of education and assistance to community cats, focused on spaying and neutering services for community cats and support to people who help them. Having been associated with KPFT for over 30 years, I am honored to bring my organizational experience to continue to serve our diverse community.
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