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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
I am asking you to vote for me as a listener-member of the KPFT Local Station Board. As a long-time listener and a sustaining member of KPFT, I would love to apply my skills and experience to help the station. I’m an organizer and a leader, and can apply my skills as an engineer, manager (including an MBA from our very own University of Houston), executive, and corporate board member.

I understand, based on years of experience both reporting to and being on boards, how a board works with management and within the financial, by-law, people, and other constraints that exist. The board is also responsible for looking outward to how funds can be raised, what relationships can be formed, and what can be done to strengthen the organization’s position.

The GM and others at the station are tasked with specific programming and day to day decisions, where the board’s job is to support them through policy, sound guidance, and providing, finding or otherwise enabling resources.

Pacifica is unique in the country, and KPFT is unique in Houston. Nowhere else on your radio dial can you find the breadth of music and programming, from public affairs across languages to news to the so-important community access.

Any time you tune in, you will find someone pouring their heart and soul into their show. As an LSB member I would work to enable these people, supporting the Pacifica Mission and supporting the station’s management.

My experience managing small companies is getting people who don’t agree working toward a common goal, part of which is raising sufficient funds to support operations. Policy, outreach, and fundraising are areas of work that support the station and I’m ready to help.
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