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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
Greetings, and thank you for reading my candidate statement.

As a native Houstonian, I started listening to KPFT as a teen in 1978 and began contributing financially in 1989. I am an independent thinker and voter who values justice, history, education, politics, discourse, art, music, culture, activism, and kindness.

Recently retired after having worked in the non-profit sector for four years (The Pacifica Foundation), as well as several decades in dental practice management, consulting, and patient education.

I have enjoyed serving as a volunteer in the past at Montrose Grace Place, in hospice care, and of course KPFT. I came to KPFT as volunteer producer via Rick Heysquierdo's long-running program The Lone Star Jukebox. I then went on to host and produce a program of my own for KPFT, called RadioACTIVE, as well as an award winning monthly segment known as The Sugarhill Sessions.

In the past I have served on both the Local Station Board, the Pacifica National Board, and have been a member of probably all of the various KPFT committees at one time or another.

Over the years as a KPFT volunteer I have answered phones and taken pledges in on-air fund drives since 1998, and I actually hope that KPFT returns to on-air drives at the station in the future. I have had the pleasure of organizing numerous fundraisers for KPFT as both a volunteer on my own and as a paid staffer.

When elected I look forward to becoming a member of the KPFT outreach and finance committees. I would also like to volunteer to assist the membership department with lapsed sustainers and expired/declined credit card donations. My experience as staff in membership for KPFT resulted in our station having the highest A/R collection rate in the Pacifica Network.

I am happy and relieved to know that KPFT has secured a new property for the station and is currently meeting its financial obligations to the Pacifica network. With that said, I believe our beloved radio station is still stuck in survival mode. If we are to truly thrive I believe efforts must be made to grow and foster a new generation of listener supporters. New revenue streams must be developed.

My previous experience with KPFT shows that I have the knowledge, skills, and understanding required for KPFT Board membership and that I am up for these challenges.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rhonda Garner

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