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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
Hello, I have been a listener of KPFT for fifty years. The founding Board members Sol and Thelma Meltzer encouraged me to listen! In those days for me KPFT was a lifeline as I did not see myself being like most people. I found a sense of support from KPFT. There was a lot of political reporting and community reporting back then. There seems to be far less of it these days and as it was criticized before, resulting in a change in management, it seems to be once again, inordinately tipped toward music programming at the expense of news, especially local news, and state and federal news, community, and public affairs. Its like a holy war is being waged in favor of music programming. This is tragic in an area of broadcast to four million people. Yet a super majority on the Local Station Board has suppressed and voted to maintain and enhance status quo.
I have served on the Board for several years and am wishing to continue as your KPFT representative.
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