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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
My desire to run was inspired by the peoples station and egberto willies. I also love the business and money show as it helped me to solve my own small business needs. Although i still need help in these areas, kpft saved me a couple of hundreds by just listening to the show. I've never ran for anything in my life, but i feel this is a great place to start. My strength is being honest with my words regardless of unseen opportunities. Some will say this is not a good thing as I'm always being told girl... learn how to lie. This actually pains my gut and stays on my conciousness until i fix it. My challenge is procrastinating when I'm down, meaning it may take me more than a day to get back on my grind when i feel I've been mistreated or misunderstood in a matter that I care deeply about. I am leaning several languages (spanish, french, german, hebrew, Haitian creole) through Pemsler and Duo(that damn bird!). I love wu-tang movies and John Wick. While I may be unqualified to run for President, this years candidates has put me one or two steps closer to a possible reality. I have great ideas that may be important in continuing houston utopia. I want to be apart of something great as every organization i am apart of, I heard it on 90.1. Without spewing my whole life, I will say that volunteering for you will be the least that i can do as you have done so much for me. Thank you.
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