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Staff Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
My name is Jeanine Rohn and I’m running to be one of your staff delegates. I work as a union manager in independent film. Strong storytelling that serves to enlighten as well as empower its audience has been a huge part of my life. I've served on the LSB as a listener delegate in the past. I'm now producing "Working Voices" a weekly labor show as a volunteer staff member. There was a need for a labor program and I have a passion and experience with workers rights. Being able to act on that need and create an on-air program organically seems only possible at a Pacifica station. Working through the challenges has also shown me the mechanics and passion that runs the station (the staff). I would also add that the most fulfilling work I’ve done for KPFK and Pacifica up until this point has also been as a volunteer. I started by serving as the Secretary of the board (2019-2021). That familiarized me to the workings of the LSB, including procedural items such as resolutions and motions, etc.. That also made me aware of the value of the committees which then drew me into the volunteer work at the station. I am an activist in my community, so I've been very drawn to discussing the station and Pacifica with potential listeners and the public. It's so important -there’s a huge part of the public that doesn’t even know about the station or the foundation. Everyone is drowning in main-stream narratives. It can be very inspiring to see someone realize what we are.

I also reconstituted the Fundraising Committee 2 years ago. Though it was sparse in volunteers, we put on the online holiday auction in December 2022. We phone-banked elapsed donors. We also collaborated with the Outreach Committee in contacting various venues willing to work with us to host events and forums (recovering from the isolation of covid). I'd like to work more with the iGM on social media marketing to elevate and modernize our promotions. There's great potential to substantially grow our audience through a strong community outreach as well as a social media initiative. I have experience to bring to both efforts.

Moving forward, I will continue my participation with the local Finance Committee. I am extremely comfortable with fiscal review, as it’s a big part of my professional work. I have served as a Treasurer for Long Beach Community Table and as a bookeeper for the Levitt Foundation. Please know that I will fight to keep our station intact – with our programming accessible to all communities. I’m dedicated to bringing all the passion and experience I have to protecting the foundation's mission and growing the station. I greatly appreciate your support. Thank you -
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