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Staff Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
As a 45+ year WBAI producer, and at least 28 years as paid staff, I believe I am a good candidate to serve, yet again, on the WBAI LSB. I have served on the Local Station board on and off for several terms over the years as staff representative.

In decades past, I have been elected as a member of the WBAI Program Council as a representative of Arts Department (remember when had departments, and a STAFF??), who, in collaboration with the Program Director, set policies for program evaluations, assessed the station's needs, and brought new programs to the air.

I currently produce two programs for WBAI, the long-running GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO (since 1977 as producer, 1978 as host), which currently brings about 30 Buddies who support the station, and an overnight show of radio drama, humor, and social commentary called THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY. I also facilitate A MANSION FOR THE RAT with Ann Marie Hendrickson. I maintain a strong Facebook presence to promote these programs as well.

As the evening and overnight broadcast engineer, I ensure that live programs run smoothly, and that pre-recorded programs are downloaded, fixed up, and programmed to run on schedule from midnight until dawn when the next engineer is on board. These duties generally extend well beyond my paid hours.

I've seen much over the decades. I know what will work and what won't, despite the same ideas for fund-raising coming up with every new crop of LSB members. I hope to once again be able to share that knowledge and help to salvage our radio station!

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