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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
KPFK , is a cornerstone of independent media in Los Angeles, plays a
crucial role in the environmental justice movement. Its commitment to
diverse, uncensored, and community-focused programming provides a
vital platform for raising awareness and mobilizing action on critical
environmental issues. As a sustainability advocate deeply invested in
developing workforce programs in Wilmington, I am keenly aware of the
significant impact that media can have in championing environmental
justice. This is why I seek to join the KPFK board – to amplify the
voices of underserved communities and drive meaningful change through
informed, inclusive dialogue.

KPFK's mission aligns perfectly with the principles of environmental
justice, which seeks to address the disproportionate impact of
environmental hazards on marginalized communities. By providing a
platform for environmental activists, scientists, and community
leaders, KPFK helps to highlight the urgent need for equitable
solutions to environmental problems. This public awareness is a
critical first step in galvanizing support for policies and practices
that protect vulnerable populations from environmental harms.

In Wilmington, a community historically burdened by industrial
pollution and environmental neglect, the need for robust environmental
advocacy is particularly acute. My work in developing workforce
programs here has shown me firsthand the resilience and determination
of this community. By equipping residents with the skills and
knowledge to pursue sustainable careers, we are not only improving
economic prospects but also fostering a culture of environmental
stewardship. However, these local efforts must be supported by broader
societal change, which is where KPFK’s influence becomes invaluable.

KPFK’s dedication to investigative journalism and in-depth reporting
on environmental issues ensures that the public remains informed about
the true scale and complexity of these challenges. This kind of
reporting is essential for holding corporations and policymakers
accountable and for advocating for systemic change. For instance,
coverage on air quality, water contamination, and climate change
impacts can inspire listeners to take action, whether by supporting
environmental legislation, participating in clean-up initiatives, or
adopting more sustainable lifestyles.

Moreover, KPFK’s emphasis on diverse perspectives ensures that the
environmental justice movement includes voices that are often
marginalized in mainstream media. Indigenous communities, people of
color, and low-income residents are disproportionately affected by
environmental degradation, yet their stories and solutions are
frequently overlooked. By featuring these voices, KPFK not only
educates its audience but also empowers these communities by
validating their experiences and amplifying their calls for justice.

Joining the KPFK board would allow me to further these goals by
integrating my on-the-ground experience with the station’s powerful

In conclusion, KPFK 90.7 FM is essential to the environmental justice
movement because it amplifies crucial voices, informs the public, and
drives accountability. My passion for sustainability and experience in
community development equip me with a unique perspective and skill set
to contribute to the station’s mission. By joining the KPFK board, I
aim to strengthen the bridge between media advocacy and grassroots
action, ensuring that our efforts to achieve environmental justice are
both inclusive and impactful.

Please consider voting for me on your Ballot.
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