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Contact Richard Uzzell
Listener Candidate
for the KPFT Local Station Board
Time is short !! Our beloved KPFT is on the edge of bankruptcy and possibly even extinction. Unfortunately, Pacifica has too many overly large Boards that have been populated by too many Delegates who have been, for various reasons, bad players.

This must STOP !!

The current LSB is moving away from this destructive past. This year’s election is critical to consolidating a local Board that will tend to business. A Board that will insist on a balanced budget, lean effective trained and motivated staff and a program schedule that will have listeners tuning in and stepping up to help.

This year, I am serving as the LSB Secretary (as a non-elected member), to ensure that the Minutes do not become a political football. I am asking You, listener members to elect me to be a Delegate member of the Board so that I may expand my duties to serve on the Finance Committee and to have an actual vote – in addition to continuing as LSB Secretary.

Therefore, I am asking for your #1 vote, so that I may go to work for you and our beloved KPFT.


Richard Uzzell, LSB Secretary and Candidate for the Board !!
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