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Listener Candidate
for the KPFK Local Station Board
Twice paraded Broadway in Iraq war protest.
Contributing member, J Street (pro-Israel, pro-peace).
Twice demonstrated outrage at Israeli consulate.
Wrote initiative letting citizens limit growth (passed 2 to 1).
Four years on City Planning Commission.
Campaigned for 1994 California health care proposition.
Incorporated “Health Care for All – CA.”
Two years on KPFK Finance Advisory Committee.

LISTEN TO THE LISTENERS. For the very best quality, have an e-mail ferment of ideas among listeners, hosts, and managers. The best ideas and commentators will bubble up. We’ll have leading views on arts, controversies, literature, reformers, and significant news, from epidemics to rebellions. “Views and news.”

FUNDING: Listeners are generous when management heeds their advice. Wealthy admirers make legacy donations to the station with the very best quality.

CIVILIZED DEBATE Our unique style: Education by presenting both sides. Opposing speakers each write out their speech. Then they exchange papers, and rewrite. After a few exchanges, neither talk can be improved any more. Then they arrange the pieces in a back-and-forth debate sequence, and read them aloud. The recording can be aired repeatedly, and sold as a premium (discount to teachers).

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