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Listener Candidate
for the KPFK Local Station Board
Hi! I’m Evelia Jones-Gonzalez. I am a female, Afro-American. I am a newly retired public school teacher in Los Angeles. I am a inclusive thinker! I want to be elected to the KPFK board.

My last 20 years as a teacher were spent as an itinerant Visual Arts Instructor. I’ve traveled LA’s city streets and neighborhoods on a daily basis and have listened to a lot of radio and people.

It matters to me that the radio programs and stations available to us be of the highest and most distinguished quality possible. KPFK is the station that can fill that expectation and address the ever changing needs of its listeners and potential audience.

I’m motivated to grab the attention and support of millennials, the elderly, the working class, the elitists and radicals of LA and lead them to public radio. I want them to teach their children and friends to listen to the important programming KPFK provides. I want the people to learn how to support PACIFICA and its many outlets as a mandate of a great society!

As an experienced go-getter and connector, I’d be sensitive to all new ideas, yet able to offer productive solutions to audience growth, new programming and responsible fundraising ideas. I’d be prepared at board meetings, a good listener and willing to speak up when necessary!

And YES, I have worked in the radio industry before. I was hired right out of college to do traffic control and news copywriting for a large FM radio station. My last two years in radio were as a radio personality during morning drive time. I EVEN WON MY SWEEPS!!! It was a wonderful job.

These days I spend my time in support of art museums, theaters, children’s art programs and the care of some health challenged individuals. I’ve even gotten involved with city and neighborhood council elections. WOW!

There is a need for a person like me on the board of KPFK. If I get enough votes, I’ll be a good input voice and an honorable board member. I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT!

Vote for me.

Love one another!
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