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Listener Candidate
for the KPFA Local Station Board
I am Aldane Walters a candidate for KPFA’s Local Station Board.

I hope to bring my knowledge of media journalism to help KPFA radio and Pacifica to expand as powerful information and cultural resources for people locally, nationally and globally.

I have been writing professionally since I was in high school and later freelanced for publications in Jamaica. I am now a media student in the Bay Area and am active in the Liberated Lens film collective where I collaborate with others on progressive independent media projects.

Through my training I utilize production techniques, creative development of story ideas, identifying reliable sources for accurate research and marketing tools. I am interested in sharing these skills and innovative ways to expand technology for the KPFA and Pacifica in this digital age.

In alignment with Pacifica’s mission, I want to share approaches for analyzing journalistic work through the lenses of race, class, gender, generation and geography. This includes helping to identify and address blindspots in our media communities, considering how segments of the public perceive the information we put out and implementing strategies to help overcome biases.

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