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Staff Candidate
for the KPFT Local Station Board
I am running for the KPFT 90.1 FM Local Station Board as a Staff Candidate. I served on the LSB as staff member as well as a listener. I have been volunteering at the Station since 2012. I have a B.S degree from the University of Houston and graduated In 1998. While attending the University Of Houston, I learned to work with a diverse community. I have been working in the broadcasting industry for the past 25 years. In both television and radio. I also have experience in print and broadcast news. I also took courses in public relations and advertising.

I am a native Houstonian and I know the community very well and it’s diversity. I always promote the station and sign up members every week. I participate in every pledge drive at the station. I know how to reach out to the community and bring in pledges and new members.

I have been volunteering on The Prison Show, Execution Watch, Cultural Baggage And the Military Show. I started working with my mentor Ray Hill on The Prison Show in 2012. He taught me how to pitch during the pledge drives as well as reach out to the community. He also informed me to be a voice to the voiceless. I have also participated and reported on protests for executions and been a voice for prison families.

While volunteering at the station and well as on the LSB there has been a lot of Infighting and turmoil. I have always done my best to stop the Infighting and bring peace back to the station. Someone has to bring the station back for the Listeners. I will always take time and listen to the listeners as well as the new members. I want to Move KPFT Forward for the 21st century. I am always reaching out to promote the station in a Positive manner.

I am also looking for other ways that the station can bring in more revenue besides pledge drives. I would also like to see the pledge money spent more wisely and try to gradually buy newer equipment that can help with the broadcasting and reaching a bigger and more broader and diverse audience. I would like to see the Station reflect the diverse Houston community better with more programs that represent the communities.

Many people around the Houston area do not know KPFT exists. We need more events at the station and around the listening area to promote and Inform the community. I believe in the station. I would like to see it continue well into the 21st Century. People that have new Ideas I am always willing to listen to them. I would also like to see the music programs continue. This station is the only way many of them will get noticed and be able to promote the art form. The commercial stations certainly would not give an up and coming artist a chance.


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