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Staff Candidate
for the KPFK Local Station Board
The KPFK staff can now create the most powerful independent voice on America's left at a moment when it’s absolutely vital to human survival.

With our uniquely powerful signal, five flagship and more than 200 affiliated stations, website, social network, event schedule and more...we owe southern California and the world a clear, uncompromised vision for how we’re going to survive on this planet by ending the endless wars on each other and our eco-systems. That means a full embrace of diversity in all its wonders, social justice with all its demands, true democracy with all its pitfalls.

Radio in its power and purity has been with me since 1966, when I was repeatedly WTF called by an amazing number of stations about a U. of Michigan Daily editorial I wrote for legalizing pot that went global on the UPI wire. WOW! I was stunned by radio’s power to get out a message...and still am.

That particular issue has taken 40 million arrests and fifty years to finally (mostly) win. We don’t have that kind of time or space on fascism, empire, human rights, Indigenous awareness, global consciousness, endless war, poverty, homelessness, racism, misogyny, nuke power, climate chaos, generational embrace and so much more.

We at Pacifica are REQUIRED to define the front line on all that and more. So much of the programming I hear on KPFK is powerful and on-point. California Solartopia strives to join them all at the cutting edge, especially in a gas-patch county downwind from those two insane Diablo nukes that could wipe us all out with the next quake. They need to shut; WE need to shut them.

While solarizing Los Angeles, we hope through the Pacifica Network to make Solartopia a national show, and to help others do the same.

At KPFK we now have strong leadership and a consensus on many things that not long ago seemed inconceivable. We’ve always had a mission to believe in. There’s now leadership, a team, a direction, a reachable goal of real solidarity and power. Obviously we need to slim down our fund drives and meld and expand our current fund raising methods into a broader synthesis of whatever else is out there. There may be some paradigms we’ll need to invent.

We also need to expand and protect our audio reach while building an integrated operation involving social media, a powerful website with “print” content, global circulation and more.

But it goes without saying the point is not just to build audience. It’s to build an issue-based public consciousness that can make our species worth saving…and then get the job done.

That’s Pacifica’s true magic, and what makes us all proud to be part of it.
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