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Staff Candidate
for the KPFT Local Station Board
I am running for re-election to KPFT Local Board. I've been a long time volunteer at the station. I have co-hosted and produced the Progressive Form for 22 years. Before that I produced Enrique for 8 years and produced Talk of the Earth for 3 years. Before I worked on any shows I was station photographer and volunteered with the subscriptions department for 5 years.

I believe in KPFT and want it to be a voice for peace and Justice in the Houston area, as well as providing great musical programs for the community. We have a lot of dedicated radio programmers who are providing a real service to the city. We need to get the word out about KPFT and how lucky we are to have it. So we can reach more people and increase our support. I believe there are a large number of people living in this area that would support KPFT if they only knew it was here. This is one key thing that we need to accomplish and is a member of the KPFT board I will work with others to achieve this goal. Only by working together can we make this station everything we know it can be.

We need to find new ways to raise money for KPFT and make our programs more compelling for the listeners. We need more training in fundraising and ways to strengthen KPFT. This station is a real treasure and we need to take care of it.

The fact that KPFT is a non-commercial radio station and that we don't have to depend commercials gives us a real advantage to bring information and music to the Houston air waves that commercial stations are unable to do.

The Pacifica Foundation has a three and a half million dollar debt that all the stations are responsible for. Right now we are just paying interest on that debt and we need special fundraising to pay it off. Our station and other network properties are collateral on this loan. So it is in our interest to get it paid off.

I would like to work with the programmers of KPFT who are concerned about the future of our station. I would like to hear from you about what your concerns and get your input on what the local board can do to help KPFT in this critical time.
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