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Staff Candidate
for the KPFK Local Station Board
Over the last decade, I have lived, worked, and researched across the Americas as a popular educator, organizer, journalist, and language interpreter. This trajectory has provided me with invaluable insights into the power of community organizing, popular education, and people driven media-making. Black internationalism, Indigenous sovereignty, feminism, queer rights, anti-imperialism, and the unwavering belief that we must fashion a “world where many worlds fit” are central pillars integrated into all aspects of my practice.

My work is grounded in and informed by ancestral as well as collective forms of knowledge and media production that seek to empower our communities and counter historical exclusion. As a daughter of the Haitian Diaspora, raised by a working class Mexican and Central American immigrant community in the San Fernando Valley, I am acutely aware of our listeners’ everyday challenges, conversations, and concerns. As a result, I weave together regional, hemispheric, and global topics to address community interests.

My time working with alternative media outlets, popular education spaces, and community organizations have equipped me with a wide range of skills from writing, researching, documenting and teaching for social justice and grassroots purposes. Public speaking, interpersonal leadership development, logistical support, and program development are all qualities I bring to every project or campaign I am involved in. I have experience as a writer and editor with an independent outlet in Venezuela; writer in Ecuador for a multi-state news channel; and radio show host with a youth media cooperative. I’ve worked with LA based prison abolition campaigns, built human rights accompaniment programming, and covered breaking news stories for national and international media outlets. Moreover, I have facilitated multiracial, multigenerational, and multilingual spaces -- characteristics I already admire about KPFK’s programming and seek to improve upon as a board member. Given this, I strongly believe in building up our community engagement in order to inform KPFK’s content, design our programming, as well as support the station’s fundraising efforts.

This work is in addition to my years of volunteering as a contributor, producer, and host for KPFK in Spanish language and Black power programming. These contexts have strengthened my knowledge about international current events, sharpened my documentation skills and consolidated my unique analysis informed by communities of color, social movements, and the Global South. These experiences, networks, skills, and more I will apply to my time as a KPFK board member.
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