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Staff Candidate
for the KPFA Local Station Board
I became involved in radio production @ KPFA six and a half years ago through the First Voice Apprenticeship Program, A little while later after completion, another training program was instituted through the Operations Dept. for further technical skills and I was fortunate to be accepted in to that.
Then Covid.

I have been more than impressed at the quick response by the station to assist programmers (paid or not) in creating their own at home recording and production set ups. That so many programmers continued their broadcasts as fluidly as has happened speaks to the wealth of skill, talent, labor and sheer dedication that is available to KPFA and to all our listeners.

I was originally asked to run in an LSB election
to further represent the many Apprentices including those now working in technical , production and on- air roles at KPFA.
I won a staff seat in that LSB election.
I have always understood service on the LSB as service to KPFA in all the ways our responsibilities are given in the bylaws. Not in service to any faction, of which our LSB has several.
After one year of LSB service I was elected to take the staff seat from KPFA on the Pacifica National Board (PNB).

The Pacifica National Board is a whole other realm, with responsibilities for the governance and oversight of all five stations. Once there, I found that my LSB commitment had to expand greatly to include service to Pacifica.

I am committed to representing KPFA on the PNB in this high intensity period of media change, fracture, expansion and technologic development. Radio has started a decline in listener numbers (via broadcast) and radio’s usual content now digitally streams on new platforms and delivery services.

All of our stations have taken some steps to expand digitally as well as over- the-air, (KPFA in the lead) but the efforts have not been nationally coordinated nor received any special funding.

Funding is now dire in the entire network. Even KPFA struggles to meet our fundraising goals.
I mentioned that the LSB has specific responsibilities to its station and the one that I have seen LEAST of interest to our LSB is: To assist in station ‘s fundraising activities. The LSB should be the local team (24 members !!) that works to attract new listener-members/supporters to make sure KPFA is self supporting (and will always meet payroll for a full staff).

What public profile does KPFA have? Our Nielson ratings show that .2%. (POINT 2%) of listeners in our broadcast reach are tuned to KPFA. That is listeners, not even members. ALL Pacifica stations are doing this poorly.

I intend to focus my re-election on the LSB, if you will let me, on the fundraising, outreach and membership building that KPFA needs to be funded fully. The Pacifica mission statement calls for any station to be as fully self-supporting as needed.

The LSB needs to be tasked with doing that, not just KPFA producers.

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