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A Listener Nominee needs 15 signatures to become a Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
Long Statement
My name is Brian Crowell. I am a teacher and advocate for public education.I am African American. I have earned two credentials since beginning teaching in the year 2000. I have a Social Science Credential and a Special Education Credential. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Education at St. Mary's College. I also endeavor to earn my doctorate in Education Law and Policy after completing my masters degree. In the past I have also served as a union shop steward. I served for 5 years in this capacity.

I am deeply committing to public education's mission of offering opportunities for all kids to have a future and become leaders in our society. I deeply feel that public education is under attack at all levels. More specifically I believe the attack on public education is also a direct attack on those with progressive principles and goals. In other words the attack on public education is a direct attack the progressive movement itself.

I have been featured in the East Bay Express and the Oakland Post regarding issues on public education. I believe that as member of the KPFA board, I can offer unique and innovative programming ideas that can not only help listenership but also those who would like to offer financial support to KPFA.

For these reason please consider my candidacy.

Brian Crowell
Free and independent media will be the voice to solve the worlds problems for the next 50 years. With economic, social, and environmental strain on our world now more than ever is the need for free and independent media. At this time in history its time for us to discover and debate on what it needs to be
progressive. Are we comfortable with what is happening to our young people, our communities and opportunities to explore creativity? Are we as progressives going to ask the hard questions and come up with the hard answers that leadership demands? I believe I can offer leadership and innovate solutions to these questions.
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