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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
My name is Jack DePalma.
I am a listener candidate for the WBAI LSB.
I am a retired science teacher who formerly worked for the NYC Department of Education teaching physics to mostly college bound high school juniors and seniors.
I am a retiree member of the UFT with a Physics degree from Brooklyn Polytechic and an MS, in General Science from Brooklyn College, granted 2003.
I volunteered to help WBAI for many years in the mail room.
When at 120 Wall St, and at 388 Atlantic Ave, to better support, and to nderstand how radio station WBAI functions.
I helped prepare bulk mailings of tax statements and listener gifts into the mail.
Books, cds, dvds, pen drives and requested gifts were delivered to the post office.
I helped WBAI, support for Matt and management doing many tasks.
I have attended monthly WBAI Finance Committee meetings to monitor the financial situation at WBAI for many yesrs.
WBAI operates with a persistent deficit, and is under budget up to 20% of what is needed; so this must be our number one task. We must increase listener supporters of WBAI..
WBAI can not fully pay its' own bills; monthly transmitter tower and studio rent, staff salaries, phones, etc.
So WBAI needs to significantly increase listeners and much needed fiscal support.
This is a major responsibility for WBAI or WBAI will fail.
WBAI needs more listeners and increased support.
Before the loss of the cpb funding WBAI had this problem since left unresolved.
WBAI needs listeners willing to become supporters of the station.
And this is all we should be about.
Broad mass appeal radio, informative radio, free speech radio with fair minded, honest and personable hosts who offer practical, trusted information, engaging conversatons and entertaining radio on WBAI.
We must increase the listener, support base.
I have been a listener for 55 years, a frequent volunteer in the back room for over 25 years and a financial supporter for over 35 years. I give a check yearly to Pacifica, and support WBAI in excess of the $25 membership.
We must trust each other, and we must also work together to do this.
Media plays a supportive role in our lives.
Good helpeful information from a social justice perspective in a supportive community, with good music aids that mission in The Big Apple.
Twenty years ago I helped WBAI move off Wall St, after Superstorm Sandy flooded Wall Street and shut down telephones at 120 Wall St.
But we survived by the support of our listeners.
Please vote for Jack DePalma to work for the WBAI you want, locally controlled, and fully capable.
Remember what the LSB can and actually does. Please support WBAI but remember THAT the role of the LSB is to advise and guide. Good stewardship is my guide.
So I ask for your vote as a delegate on the LSB. Thank you.
Please rank Jack DePalma number 1 or 2 for this election.
Jack DePalma,
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