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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
WBAI is in a serious situation. This financial and sudden change of our management is happening at a time when the New Day Majority on the current Pacifica National Board is seeking to implement anti-democratic and reactionary policies to take the clock back to the nineties under the old PNB regime. They seek to implement the New Day agenda that must be opposed.

I am against swapping or selling any Pacifica signal but especially WBAI.

I pledge to fight them to the end.

Several years ago I promised to try and re-establish the money we have lost for many years because we did not get money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting(CPB). The first year when we were better situated to accomplish that the New Day elements on the PNB voted to prevent it. Last year we had too many difficult situations to get that accomplished which were due in part to the reluctance of the ND faction to move with vigor on this. Admittedly it is a difficult process to implement but we must do this going forward. I will continue that fight.

WBAI has had a sudden change of management which was implemented out of the blue with little warning. The result has been the amount of money we are taking in since June has dropped at least four to five times. The money was already coming in too low but this is an alarming development that must be altered.

The main issue is for our loyal listener members and supporters everywhere to unite and help in a MASS struggle the ability of WBAI to survive into the 21st century along with the Pacifica network. We all know the crazy vicissitudes of this current election for President and the real potential in the United States for neo-fascism. These trends must be fought against and WBAI has a key role to accomplish that as well as Pacifica in general.

WBAI needs to grow and increase its audience many times. This is a creative endeavor that needs all to work together to achieve this. If we could simply boost our weekly audience to 500,000 per week we would be arguing about what to do about all the resources we have rather than whether we will survive. We should aim to survive and thrive.

I am in favor of a WBAI that speaks to ALL the millions of people in our metropolitan area. Our signal reaches into the entire tri-state area, Eastern Pennsylvania and out into Long Island. We need to grow and re-establish WBAI as a beacon for innovative content that deals with the arts, drama , music , literature and poetry.

WBAI needs to move into the 21st century and we need to integrate analog radio with social media and create a new synthesis that can be an inspiration to all as our Pacifica mission statement is.

Please support all INDY listener and staff candidates in this election.

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