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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
My name is Carlos Kohan, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina where I studied Science and Engineering. I later obtained Master Degrees in Physics and EE in the US. In my university years in Buenos Aires I was active writing, speaking and demonstrating against the corruption of the Latin American elites. Once in the US, I participated in the resistance against some of the most brutal Latin American dictatorships including: the Argentine Military Junta, and the Chilean Pinochet dictatorship. Over 30 years ago I came to the Bay Area where I fell in love with and became an avid listener of KPFA. I was later trained by the KPFA News Dept. and have contributed to KPFA’s coverage of Latin American issues. Latin America is experiencing powerful changes through progressive movements in numerous countries and I appreciate KPFA’s coverage of the new developments.
I am presently running for the LSB out of a deep love for KPFA, as well as concern for the apparent mismanagement of the Pacifica network that has led to a drain on KPFA resources. KPFA members tell us that they do not want their KPFA donations to pay for Pacifica’s large debts mostly generated by other stations that have had high deficits for years. The Pacifica bylaws clearly call for all the stations to be as nearly self-sustaining as possible. More financial autonomy for KPFA and fiscal responsibility for Pacifica are the key concerns in this election in light of Pacifica’s deep crisis. Some examples:
1. Pacifica has defaulted on 2 multi-million dollar loans using the KPFA and KPFT station buildings as collateral, and is presently selling the KPFK building to cover its debts.
2. Pacifica has failed several audits since 2015 and has not submitted audits since 2021.
3. Over $300,000 was taken from KPFA’s bank accounts to pay off a judgement Pacifica lost related to WBAI, the NY station.
4. Pacifica owes over $1.4 Million for unpaid essential services
We need to find a way to protect KPFA and we need to reorganize the Pacifica network so that it is able to stand as a channel for truth, independent progressive analysis, anti-racist voices, mental and spiritual health—as an alternative to mainstream media disinformation. I truly want the Pacifica network to end its internal dysfunction, expand and be a strong independent voice for progressive critical analysis not only in the Bay Area, but throughout the country.
I respectfully ask for your vote for me and all of the KPFA Protector endorsed candidates to help us work towards achieving that goal. For more information go to We are endorsed by Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Aileen Alfandary, Philip Maldari and many more.
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