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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
I want to continue helping WPFW, our treasured social justice and jazz station, stay strong in this time of political, economic, and environmental challenges and hope to specifically further expand its support for the LGBTQ communities. I appreciate that WPFW brings forward often subjugated, obscured, and urgently needed information and resources about communities deprived of representation or proper respect. As a station in the political center of the country, we need (and can take advantage of) a new studio location, strategically located to maximize our presence and technical advantage. I fully support the expansion of WPFW’s skilled news department and hope to encourage its local and national penetration into the truth whatever that may be. I further support WPFW’s in depth exploration of the jazz (which brings much valued comfort and connection to our listeners) as our much-valued core programming. I hope we will expand our Jazz horizons to include more of this discipline, i.e. from New Orleans, Kansas City, Texas, and the West Coast.
I support an intensive planning & search for an eventual new station building. I will work to help the station connect with ALL listeners and local organizations and to build membership to keep the station financially stable.
I believe our current business model should be reevaluated and we should review how: the original network and current local visions interact; how our interpretations of the original Mission statements from network & local perspectives interact; what differences there are between the network and local view of our Lines of Business, and finally determine who are our customers... and ask do we really respect ALL people that could be our customers.
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