2016 Delegate Election

10/15/16: Listener-Sponsor and Staff Member Delegate Election Results for KPFA, KPFK, KPFT and WBAI have been posted (see sidebar) and Staff Member Delegate Election Results for WPFW have been posted.

10/20/16: Listener-Sponsor Member Delegate Election Results for WPFW have been posted.*

Link to Zip Files with Ballots

Certification Letter from TrueBallot, Inc

Final Certification Letter with Addendum from TrueBallot, Inc.

Final Certification Letter from NES.

Thank you to everyone who voted and thank you to all the Local Election Supervisors!

KPFK: Voting closed on Monday, October 10th, 12pm pacific time (noon).

KPFT: Voting closed on Friday, October 7th, 2pm central time.

WPFW: Voting closed on Friday, October 7th, 3pm eastern time.

KPFA: Voting closed on Friday, September 30, 8:59pm pacific time.

WBAI: Voting is closed.**

Please note: several elections were extended and the ballot company and National Election Supervisor needed time to fully certify the results.

**There were three people who attempted to receive a ballot by the September 30th deadline at WBAI but were unable to recieve their ballot on time. On October 8th, the National Election Supervisor was notified by a third-party of the names of those inviduals and efforts were made to allow those individuals to vote by October 13th. The election at WBAI is now closed.

I will be continuing to provide updates and rulings as soon as possible. We experienced a surge in emails in the last few hours, days and weeks leading up to September 30th! Thank you for your patience.

If you have not personally contacted the National Election Supervisor of any problems by October 10th, no further action will be taken.



Dear Listeners & Staff,

Ballots for Listener and Staff delegate elections at KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WBAI & WPFW were sent out the week of August 15th and began arriving in mail boxes a few days after that.

If you have not yet received your ballot (sent in a BRIGHT YELLOW ENVELOPE with the words “Ballot enclosed” and a Pacifica logo on the outside) then please email your Local Election Supervisor requesting your ballot immediately.

Please include your current mailing address and any proof of membership you  may have (donation receipt, for example).

***It is now too late to request a paper ballot be printed and mailed to you. You can request an online ballot.***

Please note: Ballots must be received by September 30th, the Election Close Date in the Bylaws.

This is not “post-marked” by September 30th.

Ballots must be received by TrueBallot, the ballot company, on or before September 30, 2016.

The list of candidates for each station and the statements they submitted can be found at:

KPFA Candidates & Statements

KPFK Candidates & Statements

KPFT Candidates & Statements

WBAI Candidates & Statements

WPFW Candidates & Statements

Candidates were required to submit a candidate statement of up to 500 words (referred to as Long Statement) and were given the option of also submitting a candidate statement up to 200 words (referred to as Short Statement). They were also given the opportunity to complete an optional questionnaire.

Depending on how much was submitted, you may have to scroll down on their page to see all their answers.

Some stations have so many candidates, you may need to scroll down the list to see all names!

There is also an Español link at the top of the page, if any candidates submitted their information in Spanish.

Over the last few weeks, the Local Election Supervisors worked with candidates to arrange time for them to record their candidate “carts” or “spots” if they chose to do so.

These spots will be aired throughout the balloting period, based on equitable candidate cart rotation schedule set by the Pacifica National Board last year.

The Local Election Supervisors will also schedule on-air candidate forum(s). They will announce the dates of those forums once they are scheduled.

The above resources are available to verified candidates only. There will be a write-in option on all ballots. The above resources are not available to write-in candidate(s). Please print legibly if you are writing in a candidate name.

The verified candidates have all signed a statement that they have read and understand the Fair Campaign Provisions.

If you feel a candidate or staff member has violated these provisions, please fill out the complaint form on the Report a Campaign Violation page (merely sending an email without a specific request to investigate does not trigger an investigation).

I look forward to a lively, respectful campaign season. Please contact your Local Election Supervisor if you damage or lose your ballot, so they can initiate the replacement ballot process. We will not start accepting requests for replacement ballots until Wednesday, August 24th in order to give time for the Post Office to do their work!

If you have not received a ballot but feel you are an eligible listener or staff member, please contact your Local Election Supervisor.

Lynne Serpe
National Election Supervisor


NOTE: The Local Election Supervisors  (LES) for all five stations finished their contracts with Pacifica Foundation as of 10/15/2016. Their names, emails and phone numbers are still listed below for archival purposes only. The email and phone accounts are no longer being checked.


KPFT: Alma Viscarra,  les-kpft2016@pacifica.org832-930-3020

WBAI: Kihani Brea,  les-wbai2016@pacifica.org, 646-535-4059

WPFW: David Levine, les-wpfw2016@pacifica.org240-343-5174

KPFA: (temporary) Mike Emperor, les-kpfa2016@pacifica.org510 848 6767 x605

KPFK: Daniel Lee,  les-kpfk2016@pacifica.org; 818.985.2711 x 252

If your Local Election Supervisor is unable to help you, please contact:

National Election Supervisor: nes2016@pacifica.org.

If you have not personally contacted the National Election Supervisor of any problems by October 10th, no further action will be taken.


Listener Sponsor members needed to gather at least 15 signatures of eligible Listener Sponsor members in good standing, and Staff members needed to gather at least 5 signatures of eligible Staff members in good standing.

Article Four, Delegates, Section 3: Election of Delegates:

Elections of Delegates shall be staggered over a 3-year period with elections for 3 Staff Delegates and 9 Listener-Sponsor Delegates held in the first year, elections for 3 Staff Delegates and 9 Listener-Sponsor Delegates held in the second year and no elections in the third year. The ballots shall be counted by the Single Transferable Voting method.


Candidate Nomination Period: June 1 – June 30, 2016, 9pm local station time

Voter Date of Record: June 30, 2016

“Listener-Sponsor Members” shall be any natural persons who within the preceding 12-month period:

(1) have contributed a minimum of $25 to any Foundation radio station, or such minimum amount as the Board of Directors may from time to time decide; or

(2) have volunteered a minimum of three (3) hours of service to any Foundation radio station. Said contribution shall be considered non-refundable. Said volunteer work shall be performed under the supervision of the Foundation radio station management, and shall include volunteer work on committees of the Local Station Board.

Where a contribution is made jointly by two individuals and the contribution is in an amount equal to or more than the annual membership contribution required for two memberships (as set by the Board from time to time), then each of the joint donors shall be considered an individual and separate Listener-Sponsor Member. (For example, if John and Mary Smith jointly contribute $50.00 or more, then John Smith and Mary Smith will each be Members and will each have individual and separate Membership rights. However, if John and Mary Smith jointly contribute $40.00, then they shall jointly share one membership.)

Please note: The Local Station Board for each Foundation radio station (also referred to herein as “LSB”) may adjust or waive the contribution requirement for Listener-Sponsor Membership set forth in Section 1(A) of this Article of these Bylaws on a case by case basis for reasons of financial hardship, where said LSB, in its discretion, determines that the proposed member has demonstrated a sincere interest in becoming a Member of the Foundation and is also genuinely unable to afford the contribution amount or to volunteer the minimum 3 hours of service.

“Staff Members” shall be:

(1) any non-management full-time or part-time paid employee of a Foundation radio station; or

(2) any member of a Foundation radio station “Unpaid Staff Organization” or “Unpaid Staff Collective Bargaining Unit” which has been recognized by station management, or, if the station has neither such organization or bargaining unit, then any volunteer or unpaid staff member of a Foundation radio station who has worked for said radio station at least 30 hours in the preceding 3 months, exclusive of fundraising marathon telephone room volunteer time.

Said volunteer work shall be performed under the supervision of the Foundation radio station management and shall not include volunteer work on committees of a Local Station Board.

Radio station management employees and Foundation staff employees who are not employed at a Foundation radio station shall not qualify as Staff Members, however, such employees may qualify as Listener-Sponsor Members by contributing the requisite minimum dollar amount as set forth in Section 1(A) of this Article of these Bylaws. 

Visit Article 3, Members of the Foundation, Section 1 of the Bylaws.

Ballots Mailed: August 15, 2016

Ballot Return Deadline/Online Voting Ends: September 30, 2016 at 11:59pm EST / 8:59pm PST


Article Three, Members of the Foundation, Section 7: Quorum

For purposes of any election or written ballot, a quorum of the Listener-Sponsor Members shall be ten percent (10%) of those Listener-Sponsor Members entitled to vote on the matter as of the applicable record date.

A quorum of the Staff Members shall be one-fourth (1/4) of those Staff Members entitled to vote on the matter, as of the applicable record date.


Please note: The final number of Listener-Sponsor Members entitled to vote and Staff Members entitled to vote is updated almost daily, as new requests for ballots are sent in and investigated for member eligibility. We are also occasionally notified when a member has passed away, and update records accordingly.