The 2018 election cycle has closed (03/05/2019 11:59 PM EST). 
The Pacifica Foundation 2018 Local Station Board Election Results have been certified and released.
See the menu tab for final results, round by round results & anonymized raw ballots. 
Final Report 
Addendums not attached to the report

Add-d. KPFA Listener Member Survey

Add-d. WBAI Listener Member Survey

Add-d.KPFK Listener Member Survey

Add-d.KPFT Listener Member Survey

Add-e. KPFA Listener Debate Master List

Add-f. Candidate Debate GROUND RULES

Add-g. Guidelines for Candidate Forum Production

Add-h. Pacifica Elections – Choice of station for staff at multiple stations

Add-i. Pacifica Elections – Choice of station for members who have donated to multiple


Add-k. Ranked Ballot Counting (Multiple Winners)

Add-k. Sample STV Results Pacifica 2018 Election Results

Complaints to register? Please use your station’s Election Survey to express these.
Responses will be forwarded to the Pacifica National Board and included in the Final Election Report.
KPFA Listener Election Survey-https://conta.cc/2EDr56C
KPFK Listener Election Survey-https://conta.cc/2EDr3M2
KPFT Listener Election Survey-https://conta.cc/2EINVcL
WBAI Listener Election Survey-https://conta.cc/2ED8APz
WPFW Election Survey – N/A – no listener election