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Voter Guide - Pacifica Referendum 2021



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Full Text of the Pacifica ByLaws (click)

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Pacifica’s Current Governance Structure

The Proposed Governance Structure


The following topics will be covered in this voter guide. The election supervisor has identified these as key areas where the current and proposed bylaws differ substantially. Please write to if you would like to propose a topic.

Discuss bylaws changes relative to:

1 – Changes to Voting Member Classification 

  • the move to 3 classes of members (paid, unpaid, listener)

2 – The Governance Structure

  • PNB restructuring related to: change in size (15 in the place or 22/23, 1 per station), changes in election and appointment processes for different types of directors (elected, at-large, affiliate)

3 – Role of At Large Directors

  • increased representation (from 1 of 22/23 to to 3 of 15)

4 – Eligibility of Board Directors

5 – Role and Duties of Board Directors

6 – Role and Duties of the Local Station Board 

  • move from a governance role to an advisory role (CABs)

7 – Transition Board versus Continuation of Board

Scenario A: If the proposed bylaws are adopted, the national board will be terminated and a transition board composed of 4 preselected directors will be installed. Sitting local station boards will select station representative directors to serve. Elections will be held nationwide to elect 1 Paid Staff Director and 1 Volunteer Staff Director. Three at large board directors will be selected together with the 4 transition officers and LSB directors will serve 2021 through 2023. through 2023. Listener members will elect members of the national board in 2023 for service beginning in 2024.

  • Transition Officers role
  • At Large Directors role

Scenario B: 

Listener Members at each station would elect nine delegates and staff members would elect 3 delegates in local station board elections in 2021 and 2022. Each local station board would elect 3 listener delegates and 1 staff delegate to be seated on the national board. 

8 – Discuss Pacifica’s financial health and what role the board needs to plan in order to make sure that Pacifica stays solvent for many more generations to come.